Session 2

On to Vesh Toraein


As your wagon rumbles on, you pause to take stock of the events of the past 24 hours.  This morning you were in High Falls, where you gathered your remaining belongings – notably including two dragon statues from Duplicytus N. Akshyn's hovel, curiously untouched by the flames that reduced the rest of it to ash.

Your attempts to reprovision Caiwynn Domarien's caravan included the somber execution of a faithful draft horse, a traditional performance of selections from The Silver Maiden and the Wyrm, a series of drinking contests that concluded with a naked Edric Ironhand atop a pyramid of tables and bar stools, and the disappointment of one of Meegan Wairysh's customers as you called in a favor to purchase one of her nicer traveling wagons.  Thus supplied, and relying on Elros' foraging skills and Niënor Níriel's magical holly berries, you set out for Verghast into the forbidding upcountry.

Your first taste of the highlands came in the form of a pair of horse-sized dire wolves leading a pack of smaller wolfkin.  Wil mistook the dire wolves for Ruug'la Tal enforcers and attempted to talk them down, which resulted in her frantically scrambling back to the caravan while Duplicytus attempted to bring your runaway wagon team under control and the rest of you fought off the wolf pack against the backdrop of one of Duplicytus' fizzling gnomish creations that clearly needs a few more design iterations.

In the end the hunters became the hunted, and as you resume course for Verghast, you are all – despite several very close shaves – in good health.

Session Synopsis

You arrived at Verghast without further incident, and reprovisioned there in preparation for the next leg of your journey.  Caiwynn and Peri Winkle continued to perform excerpts from The Silver Maiden and the Wyrm, but their busking was overshadowed by a very drunk Edric Ironhand dancing with a stray dog.  Wil's evening trance was interrupted by an aristocratic woman who engaged her in polite conversation, then warned her that Aleksander O’Laighin was a traitor.

The caravan continued on its way the following morning, leaving the Dragon's Tears and heading overland towards  Journey's End.  As the landscape became more forbidding, the caravan was intercepted by Kholesh at the head of eight other knights, who attempted to arrest Aleks on suspicion of treason for supporting his father in illegal magical research.  Aleks refused, claiming that Wittenwile Bardish had wrongfully deprived his father of an Imperial title that belonged to his family, and that he was traveling to Vesh Toraein to prove it.

In the end Aleks and Kholesh fought a duel, one that Kholesh was winning until Edric decided to intervene.  This prompted a general melee, dragging even reluctant caravan members into the fight.  The battle was changed yet again by the sudden appearance, from fiery portals in the earth, of several fire elementals and brass flame-bearded dwarves.  Kholesh angrily tried to talk to them in a language none present understood, but the newcomers attacked all indiscriminately.  At this, Kholesh let out a decidedly un-elven dry rattling hiss and fled, abandoning her companions.  Knights and caravan warily joined forces to defeat the rampaging creatures of fire.  They triumphed only after a heroic effort, the spilling of many gallons of water, and the sacrifice of most of the remaining knights.

Following the battle, it became clear that Kholesh had attacked and killed the knight detailed to guard the horses – yet she herself had fled without stealing a mount.  In light of Kholesh's apparent betrayal and in consideration of Aleks' valor, the surviving knights gifted Aleks with a warhore and lance from one of their fallen companions and let him go.  The party continued up the mountains, carrying the lifeless brass body of one of their strange attackers.



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