Journey-s End


Type: Charter City
Population: ~6,000
Government: A mayor presides, appointed by an elected council of burghers
Defense: Citizens are obliged to maintain private arms according to their means, and serve in the city militia.
Commerce: Journey's End was once an important trading stop on the Torrent River, but now sees little merchant traffic.
Notable Organizations: 

Journey's End is a chartered city within the Naghatar Empire.  Free to run its own affairs separate from Imperial law according to the privileges of its ancient charter, Journey's End was once a thriving outpost on the important trade route of the Torrent River.  That trade route has steadily shrunk over the past century as the mountain settlements further upcountry have faded to ghost towns, however, leaving Journey's End a shadow of its former self.

Journey's End has an extensive network of catacombs, which may once have housed a virtual second city underground.  The catacombs appear abandoned, the shadow society they once sheltered doubtless another victim to the city's failing fortunes.

Journey-s End

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