Introduction 0a

Brass Circle in High Falls

Wil and Athena burgled the house of Thorvald Torquemand, a Brass Circle operative in High Falls, while Ruug'la Tal enforcers led away most of the guards.  Inside, Wil and Athena stealthily dispatched Torquemand's remaining guards – and, after a brief struggle, Torquemand himself.  In his personal effects, they discovered correspondence with a woman named Elesser, instructing him to procure residuum of ettincap that a Brass Circle agent would use to sabotage a magical experiment at Vesh Toraein on the fall equinox.  According to the correspondence, both Elesser and Torquemand were acting at the direction of an unnamed "she."

The sisters also discovered Torquemand's payment for the residuum: a large bag of coins, two sizable gold dragon statues, and a dried pinto bean.  They escaped the house with the letters and loot just ahead of Torquemand's returning guards.  Wil sought sanctuary at the house of Duplicytus N. Akshyn, while Athena made for her favorite tavern.

Athena was accosted outside the tavern by four thugs who had seen her leaving Torquemand's house.  They beat her and left her for dead, but not before her cries caught the attention of Wil and Duplicytus.  Wil went to her sister's rescue, only to be overcome by the four thugs in turn.

Duplicytus, meanwhile, spied a Mysterious Woman who had placed a burning brazier in the alley across from his house.  When the fire inside the brazier grew, Duplicytus doused it with a magical rainstorm.  The woman stalked around the side of his house with no windows and set the house furiously ablaze, then contemptuously cut Duplicytus down when he confronted her.

All three were rescued by Ruug'la Tal men, though an irate guild boss Ivellios informed them that five enforcers had died at the mysterious woman's hand before she fled and the blaze was extinguished.  Alarmed by Brass Circle's apparent willingness to escalate the war for High Falls by violating Duplicytus' neutrality and setting an uncontrolled fire in the slums, Ivellios ordered all three to leave the city with Caiwynn Domarien's caravan.



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