Session 3

Arriving at the Rose Tower

Session Synopsis

You arrived at Journey-s End to reprovision.  The unusual brass dwarves you were carrying caused you to be detained at the city gates, but you were eventually permitted access to the city in no small part thanks to Aleksander O’Laighin's noble status and a promise to keep the peace of the city.

Caiwynn Domarien and Peri Winkle's usual performance attracted an unusual visitor: Lord Desideratus Constantin Lycurgus Xenophon, Ehrkun of Gorizda, Sixth of His Name (aka Betty), in the body of a nine year old girl, accompanied by her unusually articulate zombie manservant Almos and a barn owl with glowing turquoise eyes.  Desideratus was traveling to Vesh Toraein for his own reasons, but the caravan he had been previously traveling with was attacked by a chimera, and he had barely survived to make it to the city.

You initially refused to allow the undead Usbezhi lord travel with you, and Desideratus' insistence eventually entailed the city guard, revelations of undeath, a panicked mob, and an illusory brick wall.  In the end, you permitted Desideratus to accompany you on your journey.

Meanwhile, Wil discovered an extensive catacomb network beneath the city, along with tantalizing evidence that they had once sheltered a thriving society of criminals and outcasts.  While exploring the catacombs, she spied Riva Diamol making a rubbing of a large marble tablet.  Wil stalked her through the catacombs and out into the open air, eventually confronting her when after observing her watching the rest of the party from afar.  Recognizing kindred spirits, the two women parted as wary friends.

The party sold the remains of the bronze dwarves to a bronzesmith who was eager to get his hands on them.  The smith was suspicious that the "statues" might have unusual properties, based on his examination of the metal.  Time was wasting, though, so you sold the statues and continued on to Banriel.

In that sleepy village you discovered that the Rose Tower had a dark reputation, with shepherds and farmers all giving it a wide berth.  The villagers spoke of the vesh with fear, telling tales of stolen livestock and how the tower lit up the sky at night for miles.  Your hopes of finding a guide to take you to the tower were dashed.  

Luckily – or suspiciously – Riva was also in Banriel, apparently a known figure in the village, and she offered to take you when it became apparent that you would not be dissuaded from your purpose.  She led you the past several days into the mountains, across forbidding crags choked with mist for much of the day, until you arrived at the ancient wizard's tower in a mountain hollow.  There you met Winter, who refused you entry to the tower for days.  You camped on the slopes of the hollow, approaching the tower each morning, and each morning being refused.

At last, Riva seems to have prevailed upon Winter to permit you entrance.  And so at last you passed through the gates of Vesh Toraein, the lonely mountain retreat of Laryssa Tomefinder.



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