High Falls


Type: Imperial City
Population: ~13,000
Government: An imperial governor presides, supported by a council of burghers
Defense: Citizens are obliged to maintain private arms according to their means, and serve in the city militia.  The governor has a small force of town watch at his disposal.
Commerce: High Falls sees regular trade between the lowlands and highlands of the Empire.  As such, it boasts more goods and services than a city of its size normally would.
Notable Organizations: Ruug'la Tal, Brass Circle

High Falls is a minor city on the Dragon's Tears River.  It serves as one of the gateways between the lowland heart of the Naghatar Empire and the wilder highlands.  It is the home of Wil, Athena, and Duplicytus N. Akshyn.

Though High Falls has an imperial governor, it is an open secret that the Ruug'la Tal are essentially co-equal with the governor, and wields considerably more authority than the city council.

High Falls

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