Ruug'la Tal


The Ruug'la Tal ("Old Blood") is the thieves' guild of High Falls.  The guild's highest echelons are all composed of werewolves who claim a common ancestry, although the guild permits non-lycanthropes among its lower ranks.  Unlike many lycanthropes, the Ruug'la Tal jealously hoard their status, and indeed have been known to kill "unauthorized" cases of lycanthropy in High Falls.  

The guild is commonly known as the Pack in High Falls, although the status-conscious werewolves themselves despise that name.  They are a comparatively lax thieves' guild, permitting freelance criminals (such as Athena) within High Falls so long as those freelancers do not interfere with Pack activities and clear major operations with the Pack's district bosses.

In recent years, the Ruug'la Tal have been conducting a turf war for High Falls with Brass Circle.  The werewolves rejected Brass Circle's "offer" to incorporate their guild within the Circle, and the larger syndicate has been attempting to force the werewolves out of High Falls ever since.

Ruug'la Tal

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